Feb 2017

February/March has seen a number of limited edition prints delivered to customers. Thank you to them and to those who have visited please do spread the word.

Also in the pipeline is new signage for the exterior of the Gallery, designed by Graham and Paul at Project with a little input from myself to produce a logo that includes a very simplified graphic representation of a camera using the O as the lens. It will give the gallery more visual presence in Howe Street.

We are actively in discussions with a number of photographers to exhibit including one of the most successful art photographers in the UK. I met her in London and was taken with her work which uses a mixture of layering techniques to give a wonderful old world quality to her imagery.

Another photographer is more local to Edinburgh and has shot a number of now historically important images including one of Jimmy Page (He of Led Zepplin fame) at Boleskine House (the former abode of the notorious Aleister Crowley. The same Mr Crowley that Ozzy Osborne sang of).


Wee Janie,