Over the last two weeks two people came into the gallery, entirely separately from each other. One who looked at the pieces from Greenland and then proceeded to tell me that he lived in the village where some of my pictures had been taken.  I could hardly believe it. Not only has almost no-one, who has seen the work, ever been to Greenland the chances of meeting someone in Edinburgh who lived there seem about as remote as the village itself.

Then only a few days later another customer came in and told me he had been going to Greenland for the last 40 years and had a house there. He was a mountaineer and as it turns out an engineer too. Unbeknownst to me at the time he was the person who had helped pioneer a development in 360 degree scanning of the retina to detect a detached retina (after his son was misdiagnosed and suffered sight loss.) For my own personal reasons I am very glad he did.