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Darkness to Light by James Wilson
to Aug 11

Darkness to Light by James Wilson

This August (2nd-11th) Australian photographer James Wilson will be exhibiting at Gallery-Close as part of The Edinburgh International Fringe (Venue 379). The exhibition is free and all work is for sale.

James will be hosting the event so come along and see the work and meet the man behind the imagery.

In a normally quiet stable in the Perth hills in Western Australia, a project, now known as ‘Darkness to Light’ did its principal photography. We worked our way through fourteen glamourous and sexy models with a supporting cast of thousands, a horse called Whoopi, 100litres of molasses .... and a portable shower unit.

Utilising molasses to represent our personal baggage and fire as the redemptive and cleaning force, Darkness to Light investigates the baggage we all carry with us from the cradle to the grave, offering redemption at the end of the path...

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Abstract Photography
to May 12

Abstract Photography

Featuring work by Paul Kenny, Phil Lavery, Ricardo Baez Duarte, Chris Close and Nadia Attura this work reveals a world seen through different eyes. From the truly abstract work of Paul Kenny a master of the genre and whose work is held in many prestigious collections (Including the National Galleries of Scotland) to the strange interpretations of the Scottish landscape by Venezuelan photographer Ricardo Báez Duarte.

Also on display are a couple of prints by Rosie Nixon's floral studies. Rosie's recent appearance on BBC 2 has pushed her further into the public eye and two more major exhibitions of her work in Scotland are to follow. Editions are of 10 only, hence it may be prudent to consider her work a worth while investment now

The exhibition is free to see but an ideal opportunity for collectors of photography.



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